What do you want from Shopify for Egypt?

Are you a merchant, app developer, theme developer, service provider, marketer, or an agency of any kind, who is using Shopify or thinking about using Shopify? This article is for you.. 

We are thinking of sending our monkey to Unite, the annual Shopify conference. We need your opinion. If you are in the conference, meeting (or trying to meet) different stakeholders and decision makers in the platform, what would you ask them for Egypt and the Middle East? 

We are looking for your: 

  • Suggestions & Recommendations for everything you use in the platform
  • Complaints
  • Anything you like

Just comment on this article openly! We’d love to hear from you.. 


Sameh AboulDahab

Payment integration, free Arabic language in website.


Add arabic language on our websites for free

Ahmed Hamdy

Need “Shopify Payments” to be Added as Payment Provider to Egypt Store Owners


Start integrating shopify payment in Egypt

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