How it is super easy to set up a Shopify store!

Looking forward to set up your new Shopify store and you don't know where to start from? It is super easy! 

Let's give you this very quick guide on what to click first on your store, just not to get lost in the options.

It goes on 3 main components: 

First: Settings:


Go to settings and start playing around everything in settings:


Second: Collections & Products:

Start setting up your Collections & Products, start with the Collections (try as much as you can to make all your collections dynamic) then start uploading your products:

Products and Collections

Third: Online Store

Setup your Online Store (theme), to see how you will show your store to the world. Start wit the Preferences, then go to the Themes:


And one of the questions we get most often, how to connect my domain? It is just right here: 

connect your domain with Shopify

That's a very brief guide on how to get started. Of course, devil is in the details. Let us know if you have any questions.

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