The First Egyptian App Featured on Shopify App Store

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This is how Gameball, an Egyptian company who recently graduated from 500 Startups seed accelerator, describe themselves. They have recently published their native app/addon on Shopify App Marketplace. 

Very soon after the app has been approved and published, they receive an email that makes us all proud, that their app has been selected to be featured starting today on the platform. To be one of the "Staff Picked" apps.

This is one of the very first serious trials for the Egyptian startup community to penetrate the Shopify ecosystem, after Accept Payments published their payment integration and became the first local payment provider for Credit Cards & Alternative Payments to be on the platform.

Gameball experience on mobile

Unlike other loyalty apps that only provide one or two elements, Gameball combines the 3 elements in one application: Rewards, Notifications, and Referrals.

They start the pricing at the free tier, which is very good for startup ecommerce merchants to try and handle, and the app grows as the company grows, following the democratization culture that Shopify has built throughout their existence. 

If you haven't checked Gameball app on the store yet, check it now.

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